Monday, August 2, 2010

67. Redneck Racing

Well, this is how the red 325 ended it's career.
My friend guarantees, that it's extremely fun to drive around like this...
I'm not so sure...

And to think - this is the car he was repairing all winter long... (Bought it wrecked)
Here's a photo of the car before he started to disassemble it:

Right... If you remember, I wrote about this one a couple of times...
- 60. Mine & friends E36 photoshoot
- 59. Fixing electrics on a 325i
 ... and so on... :)

Well, it suited me just fine when he decided to part out the car. I bought a lot of goodies for my E36. :)
(Stay tuned...)

This is how this red E36 looks now:

Oh yea:
Do it at your neighbor's.

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