Tuesday, March 31, 2009

02. Quick progress

Since we got the car just two days ago, we are still enthusiastic about it. Another day in the garage, and we made some nice progress. If things will go so smooth in the future, we'll finish the car in just two months. So, what did we do?

  • Sanded almost 75% of the body
  • Welded new rear bumper mounts
  • Stripped some more interior stuff
  • Repaired almost all body rust and damage

Here are some picture updates:

Come back tommorow for new updates! :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

01. Finally - a drift project!

After a couple of years of building grip cars, Werewolf Customs team decided to buy and build a drift car! For the base, we bought a wrecked E36 3-series BMW 325 4-door sedan. The car was delivered to us yesterday, and already we made some progress. So, here are the pictures of the car that we took the minute it arrived:

Ok, I admit, it looks like a wreck. But this is going to change, real soon. I prommise!

We've already made some changes to it:

- removed all the crashed parts
- removed the interior
- welded differential

So, check back soon for updates!