Tuesday, March 9, 2010

61. My TO-DO list

Well, I have a long list of stuff I want to do to my car... I divided it into basic groups: Exterior, Interior, Engine&Transmission and Suspension.

So, here we go:

  1. BMW M3 Body kit  
    1. Front bumper
    2. Rear bumper
    3. Side skirts
    4. Side mirrors 
  2.  BMW GT-R Lightweight two-piece wing
  3. Weight reduction
    1. Plastic front hood
    2. Plastic rear hood
    3. Plastic fenders
    4. Plastic rear door
    5. Plastic windows on rear doors
  4. Hood pins
  5. Rims
    1. 17" BMW Motorsport set
    2. 17" Style 44 rims
    3. 17" or 18" BBS rims
    4. 17" or 18" DOTZ Mugello rims
  6. Paint
    1. Metallic blue
    2. LTW Flag Stickers
  7. Lights
    1. Angel eyes front lights, black
    2. White/smoked front indicators
    3. White/smoked side indicators
    4. White/red OEM rear lights
    5. Black fog lights
  8. Trim
    1. All-round BMW M3 trim
    2. Front license plate holder delete ("BMW") 

  1. Racing seats
  2. Racing steering wheel
  3. AC-Schnitzer foot pedals
  4. Hydraulic hand brake
  5. Gauges (Oil temp., Water temp., Oil pressure)
  6. Kill switch
  7. Roll cage 
  8. 6 point racing harnesses
  9. Fire extinguishers
  10. Insulation delete
  11. Racing fuel tank in trunk

    Engine and transmission:
    1. M52B28 or better engine swap (S50/S52...) 
    2. Racing stainless steel exhaust manifold
    3. K&N cold air intake
    4. M50 intake manifold (for M52 engine)
    5. W.A.R. chip & MAF combo
    6. Complete rebuild
    7. Clutch fan delete
    8. Pulleys
    9. Upgraded cooling system
    10. Upgraded oil distribution system 
    11. Schrick camshafts
    12. Stainless steel de-cat exhaust system
    13. Short shifter
    14. Double shifter link
    15. Racing clutch
    16. M3 LSD Differential

    1. K-Sport or D2 coil-overs
    2. Eibach anti roll kit 
    3. Big brake kit
    4. Camber Adjustable Rear Suspension Arms
    5. Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hose Kit
    6. Powerflex bushes
         And so on...
        The list isn't complete, it's just something from the top of my head...
        Man, I'm startiong to wonder If I'll ever complete my project... 

        Monday, March 8, 2010

        60. Mine & friends E36 photoshoot

        Well, it's been a while since I posted anything here... Well, I'm not dead, and neither is my E36. :) The project is currently on hold, since I have to sort out my daily-driving issues... Maybe I'll drive my E36 for the next six months or so... (If I don't buy another car, that is. - I'm looking for a E30/E36/E46.) Well, last weekend, my friend wanted me to take a couple of photos of his E36 (the red one). Somehow we ended up on a field, with both our cars, and took a few pictures. I didn't use my 'big' camera, and the weather was stupid, so the pictures aren't that good. I did edit them a little... Well, check them out:



        Right... I guess you've noticed - my car is still stock :)
        I'm like a hamster (or squirrel, maybe?) - I buy parts and keep them stored in a safe place, so I can put them on the car, all in the same time :)

        I'll take a minute-or-two, tomorrow maybe, to write a little 'TO-DO' list for my car... I realized, that, I don't have one... Everything is still in my head - and that's not my idea of safe information keeping :c)

        Feel free to write comments... I see that this blog attracts hundreds of visitors a day... :) So, I guess I'm not the only E36 nut out there! :)