Monday, March 8, 2010

60. Mine & friends E36 photoshoot

Well, it's been a while since I posted anything here... Well, I'm not dead, and neither is my E36. :) The project is currently on hold, since I have to sort out my daily-driving issues... Maybe I'll drive my E36 for the next six months or so... (If I don't buy another car, that is. - I'm looking for a E30/E36/E46.) Well, last weekend, my friend wanted me to take a couple of photos of his E36 (the red one). Somehow we ended up on a field, with both our cars, and took a few pictures. I didn't use my 'big' camera, and the weather was stupid, so the pictures aren't that good. I did edit them a little... Well, check them out:



Right... I guess you've noticed - my car is still stock :)
I'm like a hamster (or squirrel, maybe?) - I buy parts and keep them stored in a safe place, so I can put them on the car, all in the same time :)

I'll take a minute-or-two, tomorrow maybe, to write a little 'TO-DO' list for my car... I realized, that, I don't have one... Everything is still in my head - and that's not my idea of safe information keeping :c)

Feel free to write comments... I see that this blog attracts hundreds of visitors a day... :) So, I guess I'm not the only E36 nut out there! :)


  1. Slovenia. EU :)

  2. nice monster.... ready to drift???

  3. Thanks!
    Mine is still stock.
    Friends is driftable, but with stock interior.