So, let's start with a small copy/paste from my Squidoo lensography:

While publishing my game development tutorial, I discovered that blogging was fun. That's why I decided to open my second blog - about my drift race car project. With time, the blog grew rapidly, and I collected huge amounts of data related to BMW E36 cars... Eventually, this became my 'favorite' blog, and the one I really plan on expanding even more.

So, what now?

I started this blog on Monday, March 30, 2009. Since then it was visited by 30000 unique visitors, and the number is still growing. On average, we get 100-150 unique visitors every day. So, what's this all about? Do I earn big bucks with this blog? No. To be honest, the total amount I earned with it, is 30$. :) In the end, I'm not doing this because of money. I do it, because I want to help E36 owners find good information about their cars. :)

Write some comments! I love feedback! :)

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