Thursday, October 8, 2009

48. A little celebration note

Today, this blog was viewed by our 5000th visitor! :)

It's not much, but it is something that brings a smile to my face! It shows me, that the effort I put into this blog is not worthless.


I started this blog on Monday, March 30, 2009. It was meant to be a small, personal project blog, but it started to grow faster and faster, attracting more and more visitors every day. Now, I'm confident when I say that this blog gathers a lot of useful information about BMW's E36 cars.

Our statistics show that we have 100 visitors a day now (average), and that they come from all around the world. I'm very proud of that!

To celebrate, I opened two more additional sites on the topic, and a Twitter feed. First site is a Squidoo Lens and the second one is a CafePress Gift Shop. I hope you don't think I do all of this stuff because I want to make a quick buck... In total, I earned 7 US Dollars with this blog, and if I keep it on-line a few more years, I'll buy my Beemer a new gear shifter knob! :) Obviously, I do this because I have a lot of fun posting, and because I want to help you with information about the cars we all love!

If you need any information or help, please, feel free to ask! You can leave a comment here, or you can go to my Squidoo Lens, and post a comment in the guest book. I'm looking forward to reading your comments, suggestions, questions...

Yet again, Thank YOU for visiting! 

47. BMW wheel styles

Here's something I found while browsing... the list (with images) of BMW rim styles:

Style 4

Style 5

Style 16

Style 18

Style 19

Style 22

Style 24

Style 25

Style 27

Style 30

Style 31

Style 32

Style 33

Style 34

Style 35

Style 36

Style 37

Style 38

Style 39

Style 41

Style 42

Style 43

Style 44

Style 45

Style 46

Style 47

Style 48

Style 49

Style 50

Style 51

Style 53

Style 54

Style 55

Style 56

Style 57

Style 58

Style 60

Style 61

Style 64

Style 65

Style 66

Style 67

Style 68

Style 69

Style 70

Style 71

Style 72


Style 74

Style 75

Style 76

Style 77

Style 78

Style 79

Style 80

Style 81

Style 82

Style 83

Style 85

Style 86

Style 87

Style 88

Style 89

Style 90

Style 91

Style 92

Style 93

Style 94

Style 95

Style 96

Style 97

Style 98

Style 101

Style 102

Style 103

Style 104

Style 106

Style 107

Style 108

Source: BMW Tips