Tuesday, March 9, 2010

61. My TO-DO list

Well, I have a long list of stuff I want to do to my car... I divided it into basic groups: Exterior, Interior, Engine&Transmission and Suspension.

So, here we go:

  1. BMW M3 Body kit  
    1. Front bumper
    2. Rear bumper
    3. Side skirts
    4. Side mirrors 
  2.  BMW GT-R Lightweight two-piece wing
  3. Weight reduction
    1. Plastic front hood
    2. Plastic rear hood
    3. Plastic fenders
    4. Plastic rear door
    5. Plastic windows on rear doors
  4. Hood pins
  5. Rims
    1. 17" BMW Motorsport set
    2. 17" Style 44 rims
    3. 17" or 18" BBS rims
    4. 17" or 18" DOTZ Mugello rims
  6. Paint
    1. Metallic blue
    2. LTW Flag Stickers
  7. Lights
    1. Angel eyes front lights, black
    2. White/smoked front indicators
    3. White/smoked side indicators
    4. White/red OEM rear lights
    5. Black fog lights
  8. Trim
    1. All-round BMW M3 trim
    2. Front license plate holder delete ("BMW") 

  1. Racing seats
  2. Racing steering wheel
  3. AC-Schnitzer foot pedals
  4. Hydraulic hand brake
  5. Gauges (Oil temp., Water temp., Oil pressure)
  6. Kill switch
  7. Roll cage 
  8. 6 point racing harnesses
  9. Fire extinguishers
  10. Insulation delete
  11. Racing fuel tank in trunk

    Engine and transmission:
    1. M52B28 or better engine swap (S50/S52...) 
    2. Racing stainless steel exhaust manifold
    3. K&N cold air intake
    4. M50 intake manifold (for M52 engine)
    5. W.A.R. chip & MAF combo
    6. Complete rebuild
    7. Clutch fan delete
    8. Pulleys
    9. Upgraded cooling system
    10. Upgraded oil distribution system 
    11. Schrick camshafts
    12. Stainless steel de-cat exhaust system
    13. Short shifter
    14. Double shifter link
    15. Racing clutch
    16. M3 LSD Differential

    1. K-Sport or D2 coil-overs
    2. Eibach anti roll kit 
    3. Big brake kit
    4. Camber Adjustable Rear Suspension Arms
    5. Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hose Kit
    6. Powerflex bushes
         And so on...
        The list isn't complete, it's just something from the top of my head...
        Man, I'm startiong to wonder If I'll ever complete my project... 


        1. projects are not about the completion of some ideal car, they are about driving what you have done so far proudly! stop making lists and just buy what you can afford or modify what you have then go drive your car until you can afford or modify the next detail. Your blog is cool though, not many e36 drifters out there.

        2. But that's just it - I'm trying to build the 'ideal car'. Believe it or not, I don't even drive my E36. I drive around in some old, banged up wrecks that I buy for a couple of bucks... (don't want my E36 to rust) :P Yea, silly. In a couple of days I'll register my E36, and drive it around for a couple of months, just to see how the car feels... And, then I'll start with the modifications... So I'll be able to see and feel the difference.

          Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it. I took a look at your Elevens' paint & fiber blog, and just want to say - You guys do some amazing stuff there!

        3. yeah I agree with Dalton, you should get the car to pass tech at a drift day and just go drive the piss out of it. Upgrade stuff as it breaks. The most important upgrade you can do is tighten that nut whose behind the steering wheel. Also since you are in europe I would suggest the HSD coilovers that Driftworks sells over anything D2 or ksport make. You don't need all the weight reduction stuff. My car is still stock weight at 3200lbs without driver and the car feels fine.

          You don't need a big brake kit for a drift car, that is alot of money that really isn't going to help you out at all. I have been drifting my E36 on stock 328 brakes for 3 years now and have never faded my brakes or felt I needed better ones.

          Don't buy swaybars, waste of money for drift e36, I don,t even run a rear sway bar at all and it feels amazing. AC footpedals are the biggest waste of money ever, I have them (came with the car) and I could never see spending that much for a couple strips of aluminum.

          I'd say to get started you should just focus on making sure the car runs and drives good, Get an LSD, a racing seat for the driver passenger doesn't matter, some steering angle spacers and go out and have fun at a track day.

        4. Hi Paul!

          Your advice is exactly what everyone is telling me to do.

          And, in the end, I'll probably do the project this way.

          Thanks for the suspension advice... I'm looking at the HSD coilovers right now. Love the price.

          I already have an Euro M3 LSD that will be 'upgraded' to 75% lock. I always buy seats as a pair, since that way I get some discount.

          As far as the steering angle spacers go, I really don't know a lot about them... I'll try to find some info on that. (I know what they do, but don't know where to buy, or, how to make them.)

          I would really love to see your car. If you have some time, maybe you can present it on www.wrides.com ???

          I really appreciate your comment. Comments like yours give me the much needed will power to continue with my project. Thanks!

        5. well I also have a blog about my car/drifting as an on going project as well. it is taking a break for a year since I am living in south korea at the moment.

          you can find it at http://e36driftbag.blogspot.com/

        6. Hey Marin

          I just came past your blog on google! haha

          I'm only just an 18 year old girl - my dad has always loved e30's and e36's and been obsessed with them, so he decided to get me one for my first car. I count myself as very lucky, so I've been thinking of saving up and styling my car also.

          When we first bought it, everything seemed to be wrong with it, the previous owner must have not given any care about it.

          So far, it has done 270,000kms but drives super good, we've replaced the exhaust/muffler, shockers, thermostat, starter motor, steering, and a whole bunch of other stuff. We spent a fair bit to get it to run nicely.

          I'm not looking into turning it into a drift car, just want to 'do it up' over the years so its something I can keep forever - even if I end up getting a new car. Would you have any suggestions as to what I can do, I'm trying to compile a to-do list so every time I have money saved aside, I can tick something off.

          It already has a really nice paint job, when i polish it, looks better than new! I'd like new 17" rims (no idea what would look good), smoked indicators (front, side and rear), angel eyes/lights, changing the amber lights on the dash and buttons to red and getting the interior re-trimmed with leather and sports seats.

          Gahh I've blabbed on haha anyway good luck with your e36 project - and as much as I agree with Paul and Dalton, I think a to-do list is ideal, just as a guide of what you'd like to buy next.

        7. Hi! :)

          Wow! A girl that actually likes E36!?

          And, to think of it, I have trouble convincing my fiancée that BMW 1-series would be perfect for her... (not to mention - I would pay for it) :P

          Well, when it comes to 17" rims - you can't fail if you go for BBS or original ///M rims. It's like an unwritten rule. :)

          What kind of E36 do you drive? Coupe, Limo, Convertible, Touring, Compact? Engine? Color?

          How about posting it on wrides.com? I would love to see it!

          Lights and indicators are a good place to start. Rims, and ///M bumpers and sideskirts are also a must. And some mild lowering, if you plan on using it every day.

          After that, I would try to install as much original equipment... (like, power windows if you dont have them, sport seats - electric and heated... and so on...)


          And for Dalton and Paul's comments - I did start driving my E36 - to see how it feels while stock. In a day, I'll mount some bigger wheels, and see what will happen... :) So, yea, I agree - E36's are menat to be driven.

          Good luck with yours, and a lot of 'freude am fahren' :)

        8. Haha, I've grown to like E36's! Wow - I love the new 1-series, can't believe your fiance needs convincing, they're awesome cars!

          Thanks for your reply by the way, helps heaps :)

          I drive a burgandy 1996 E36 manual sedan, sadly it's not an M3, just a plain 4-cylinder E36 haha! I'm glad it is though, consumption is very good, I usually get roughly 700km's in a tank.

          It's nothing too special but I'll try and get some pics up next time I give it a wash, it's been raining lately so I haven' been able to take any pics.

          As for upgrades - I'll make sure I put BBS rims on my list.. I already have power windows... I'd love to have heated sports seats, just need to save up for it.

          I'm planning to eventually save up and go to Auto Image Interiors (http://www.autoimage.com.au/Index.htm) and get them to re-trim my interior and replace the seats - do you have any nice suggestions in mind that would make it look good?

          Glad that you're driving your E36 around now, Have fun and make sure you post up a pic when you get your new wheels put on!

        9. Hi!

          Well, it seems that my fiance's mind is set on a Hyundai i20. Not a bad choice, but I would prefer all-BMW's in the driveway.


          For now, I'm also running a 4cyl 1.8is (140hp). The car was a 316, but we swapped the engine, because the 1.6 was lazy a bit...
          700km's with a full tank... sounds about right. When I started driving my E36, I got about 600km's from a full tank, but now, I get about 800. I guess I'll lose some with bigger wheels, but hey... I'm not complaining.

          Auto Image Interiors have jaw-dropping products! Damn!
          P.S. take a look at RECARO seats. If you like E30 - you'll love Recaro Speed seat: http://www.recaro.com/index.php?id=3715&region=3&L=2
          They were originally fitted in E30 M3 Sport-EVO. :)
          I would put them in my daily driver. (Black with red seams) And, to finish it all up - I would go with some RED seatbelts... http://images.paultan.org/images/History_M3_E30_11.jpg


          I did post the pic of my rims - http://e36-drift.blogspot.com/2009/11/55-third-times-charm.html

          I'll go with the 16" for now. And then, move to (almost the same) 17" that are lying around in my garage... Just to see the difference.

          I'll buy some ///M and BBS rims after I buy a new engine and replace the suspension.

          Have fun! :)