Tuesday, January 26, 2010

59. Fixing electrics on a 325i

Well, It's been a while since I wrote my last post. To be honest, due to a lack of finances, my project paused. I believe it'll start again soon. Until then, I was keeping myself busy with my friends 325 limo. He bought a crashed E36, and he is rebuilding it. And he has made some amazing progress. He painted the whole driver's side of the car (since he had black doors and fender), painted the hood black (it was dark red - just like my first E36 project car), fixed the engine, and so on... Since the previous owner cut almost all wires for the lights, side markers, fog lights, and some other stuff, I decided to help with that. I learned about the E36 electrics the hard way - I pulled excess wires out of my green BMW, and then had to find the one wire I pulled too many ... :o)


I'm happy to say that my adventure with this car is successful... :) The only thing I still have to fix is the rear driver's side light. But that may be just a broken bulb... :) Hopefully we'll see this car in action in a couple of weeks. :)


Don't you just LOVE that RED? =)


Oh yea, I almost forgot - A couple of pictures:

Notice the snow? Fun sideways action... :)
Not so fun working in a cold garage...
Well, that's when I don't want to take my 318is out of the heated one.



We still need to confirm that this is really 325 :)
Want to know why? Read my 'That stupid M50 engine' post. :-P



When you paint your car - do cover up your air compressor: ;c)


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