Monday, December 21, 2009

58. Rear wing, and more rims :)

Since Christmas is coming, I bought my BMW a present.

A GT/Lightweight rear wing:

Don't ask where did I get the green one from...

This is my friends car... I was too lazy to take mine out of the garage.

This is the best angle:

Ok, And a picture of my 'new' 17" rims:
(Haha, they look almost exactly as my style 45 16"s)

 I guess they are Style 44.


  1. nice project, i have the same car! i just got some c4 corvette wheels for the rear and some 5-series for the front, also 17's like yours. cheers!

  2. Hey, thank you for commenting.
    C4 wheels? Now I'm curious. :)
    And what about the 5 series ET?

    You have some great projects.

  3. Im not diggin the wing but the wheels were a good buy, its always good to be able to run a wide variety of tires.

  4. Actually, I think I'm the only one that likes this wing... And for the wheels, I've got 5 sets now... And still searching for more. I won't be happy until I buy some ///Motorsport and BBS wheels... (17").