Monday, August 2, 2010

68. Fixing up my audio system...

Unfortunately, my old head unit died on me... probably because of the heat... Last month was scorching hot here... So, i had to buy a new one. I had great experience with Alpine and Pioneer head units, so this was what I was looking for. And, on top of that, I wanted one with USB input, orange illumination (to match the BMW dashboard), and with iPod compatibility. Lucky me - I found a perfect one, with the addition of Blue Tooth. And the price was minimal. So, here it is:
Alpine CDE-111RM

And, then, I decided to upgrade my speakers. For now, I replaced the ones in the foot well, and in a month, I'll replace my rear ones, and my two pair of medium and high tones on the door. This is what I bought:

Nothing fancy. SXE-1325S two-tones. I was never a big fan of car audio installations... But, as it looks now, I'm going for a all-Alpine installation. :) So, stay tuned. :)


When I removed my old head-unit, I found a bunch of messy wires.

I decided to fix things a bit, since I had all the connectors in my garage.

And, this is how it looks now:

My friend was so impressed with it, that he bought the same unit the next day:

And, for the end, here's a couple of photos of the speaker installation...
Boy, those Nokia speakers were playing from the day the car came out of the factory:

That's it for now... Next post: general updates on my E36. ;)

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