Friday, August 6, 2010

69. Freshing up my E36

For the first time in my life - I had experienced a flat tire. And to make things a bit interesting, I had TWO flats at the same time, and I don't drive around with two spares. I called my friend, and he brought me my 16" style 45 rims, with GoodYear Eagle F1 tires.



And this is how my 16" rims look:

Had to put wheel spacers in front, because the tires were 'almost' rubbing against my shocks.


Right then. After that was sorted out, I took my car for a windshield replacement...
My friend (the one that sold me the car), broke the windshield when he was replacing the rear view mirror.
The result was one broken windshield, and no mirror:

This is the windscreen before installation:

I didn't replace it myself... I took it to a specialist. (


And, the probably stupidest investment on a future drift car:

Yes. I bought the covers for the fog light holes. :) I'm not putting fog lights on a regular bumper.

Stay tuned!