Friday, June 18, 2010

64. How to paint a car

Well, I didn't really paint the car, but I had to paint the rear wing (spoiler) to mach my car's colour.
The spoiler came from another E36, and it's an original BMW Zender-2 spoiler with Hella stopping light.

Here's a link where you can see the car I took the wing off.

So, this is the wing:

You've noticed that this is not the GTR wing that I have for my E36? Well, I'll be driving this car on the road for a couple of months, and I don't want my 'big wing' to be damaged, and I really don't want to spray it black now, and then blue in a couple of months... (I think I'll paint my drift E36 blue)...

So, I've painted the spoiler in about 2 hours...
Here's a quick TO-DO list:
  1. Remove the brake light .
  2. Sand the wing with (I-don't-know-180) sanding paper.
  3. Sand it out with water (I-did-it-with-1000) sanding paper.
  4. Sand BLAST the part where the manufacturer tags are... You can't really sand that out, unless you destroy the lettering. And, I don't want to do that. 
  5. Clean it. 
  6. Dry it out. And do a good job! I mean it!
  7. Hang the spoiler in air. It's easier to  paint it if it's hanging in air.
  8. Spray it with some good quality filler. (I used a spray can)
  9. Sand it out with water (I-did-it-with-1000) sanding paper.
  10. Again, clean it.
  11. And, again, dry it.
  12. Spray the paint on. Do this slowly, in more turns. Don't spray too much paint in the same spot.
  13. Before the paint dries, spray the clear-coat. Quickly. :P
  14. Wait for it to dry.
  15. Put back the brake light.
  16. That's it.
Right, this is a QUICK to-do list. If you need any details, let me know. I used filler from a spray-can, but the paint and the clear coat were sprayed with a proper paint gun. I could buff out the minor imperfections, but they don't bother me. Be sure to read the instructions on the paint and other supplies before using them. Buy some additional equipment that's essential, like paint-density-check-filters, mixing cups, and so on... It all costs just a few bucks. And, give an extra buck to buy plastic foil, so you can wrap your garage in it :P - I didn't do that, but I should have done it. That's it really. No big deal. No special tools needed. Just an air compressor (quite small), paint gun (the cheapest one I could find), and some paint. Haha... And in the end - the spoiler looks great! (P.S. note the tags? - I have MOT, insurance and it's finally road-legal!)

Some stuff you might need:
(and some cash for me, if you buy it) :P

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