Friday, June 18, 2010

63. Black out

There's been a little change in my project... I'll be using my E36 as a daily driver for a couple of months, so I've 'styled' it a little bit...

The fastest, easiest and cheapest thing was to black out as many things on the car as possible...

So, I've sprayed black the kidneys  and the BMW roundels... You wouldn't believe how many BMW owners were offended by that... :P

Ok, so, here's a couple of pictures:

Oh, those ugly stickers on my trunk lid were really getting on my nerves... So, I took them off. And what did I find? Holes! So, I've decided to slam on a spoiler to cover them... (Read the next post...)

Now, the next things that I'll black out are the rear lights and side indicators... And, I'll maybe tint the windows.
Don't forget - this is just for a couple of months... I'll continue to buy 'drift' parts, and then I'll start converting this E36 into a drift machine.


  1. very ugly!did you get for free?

  2. Love the "murdered out" look!!! I can see mine following the same way :)