Thursday, April 30, 2009

15. Diet plans

I'm thinking about diet. Not for me, but for my Beemer. Let's face it - 200 horses under the hood isn't much. My guess is, that they would perform better if they had less weight to pull around. :)

So, here's a little list of my Beemer-Diet ideas:

1. Removed Interior [done]
I obviously don't need rear seats in my drift car. I also don't need the roof padding, carpetting... Rule: Everything you don't need - throw it out!

2. Replace Driver's (and Co-Driver's) seats with racing seats [to do]
Two racing seats weight the same as just one regular seat. Do the math. ;) Besides that, you can fit racing belts to them, and they hold you in position when going fast troug corners.

3. Replace seat belts with racing harnesses [to do]
Regular seat belts have that stupid roll-on mechanism, different mechanisms for adjusting... everything in the name of comfort. And those things weight a lot. Comfort is the last thing I need...

4. Replace rear windows with plastic ones [to do]
Not only that plastic windows save weight, but they are also cheaper and harder to break. Not to mention ride's center of gravity... ;) I'm not joking! Windows are placed high on the car, and that can't be good for the car's c-o-g.

5. Replace hood and trunk door with fiber-glass ones [to do]
Right. I don't need to explain this too much. All the benefits from earlier points apply here. There's one plus though, fiberglass can be easily patched if we crash it :)

6.  Replace headlights with plastic covers (or air intake's) [to do]
Three bonuses here: You won't crash your lights, you'll get tons of fresh air to your air intake, and you'll save weight. Enough said.

Well, there's a lot more of ideas... I'll write them here when I come up with them. For now, I have a nice list of TO-DO things... :)

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