Friday, April 3, 2009

04. Thinking about paint

Since there was no actual work done on the car yesterday, we took the time to think about the paint job. We want the car to stand out. Here's what we thought of:


Feel free to comment, and to give us your opinion and ideas.


  1. If you want some help, I'll hook U up. LMK.

  2. Hi Mathew!

    Your NASCAR artwork looks great! And the H2 promo car too! I would LOVE to see your ideas for the E36! Please contact me! (here, or trough my e-mail: marin@werewolf-customs dot com)

  3. Sorry to get back so late. have had some pressing issues! Do you know what you are looking for in a paint job/vinyl? Give me some clues, and I'll work something up for you. If you have actual pics of the car, that would help too. Your site is kick ass, by the way. Saved me $!!!

  4. Well, I had two major ideas for the paintjob:
    1: Red bull racing, something similar to this one:

    2: Mad Dog theme, something like this helmet graphics:

    Obviously, the main color is blue, since my helmet (the one on the pic above), and my racing overall are blue. Other than that, I have no special requests. My idea was to paint the car blue and then aply vinyls to it. I don't have any pictures of the car, since I'm looking for a new shell. It's going to be a E36 4 door sedan, with M3 front/rear bumper, skirts, and a small wing on the back.


    The car# is going to be 36 (obvious) ;), and the only thing I need on the car is the sign 'Werewolf Customs' or '', maybe on the sun visor strip. :) Everything else is up to you. Don't forget to promote your company :)

    BTW, I'm glad you found something useful here. I do my best to collect quality info about BMW E36's.

    Well, Matt, I'm looking forward seeing your art on my BMW :)