Monday, April 20, 2009

09. Electrics... ?!

I thought that playing with car electrics is fun. Well, that was, until I've decided to do a proper job.
In my older projects (Marlboro Tipo...), I've always connected the kill-switch between the car's battery and the power distribution box. That was fine, but there was no effect when I've killed the power. The car's engine continued to run. The only effect was that starting the car with no kill switch was impossible. Basicaly, I've used the kill switch as an anti-theft device, and not like a safety device. Well, to change this, and to eliminate the ignition lock, I've decided that I'll study my Beemers Electric Schematics before I run into the garage. So, Here's what I've came up with:
So, In the above picture, there's a Black/Yellow wire. I guess I'll connect it to the green one (on the picture below).
Ok, I marked the positions of components I'll install. Hey, This is just a plan, so don't rush into your garage with wire-cutters! :) I'll test this today, and I'll let you know the results! I'll take a picture or two...  
Hope this stuff works!
I took these electrics diagrams from the E36 service manual. You can download the manual (free) from our download page! If you like it, buy it! 

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