Tuesday, April 28, 2009

13. DIY - Conclusion

This is the FINAL scheme for the installation of kill switch and start button:


  1. hii
    sorry but I dont get the diagram
    if you turn the acc switch on
    as I see we r connecting the violet wire to an open circuit wire :S is there anything missing on the right side or something?

  2. Hey man i've got an e39 and i was trying to put in an keypad and ignition button, so i was gunna run the starter wire to the keypad and then to the button and back and cut the ignition to the key slot so that only the button would start it could you tell me if you think that would work and if i need to change something about it then what?
    thanks man

  3. @Ahmed SS - no, there's nothing missing on the diagram. Did you try to click on it (Larger picture)
    P.S. Sorry for the late reply... There's a ton of posts here, and I hardly manage to keep track of new comments.

    @Danny - Yea, I guess that would work... Why don't you sketch up what you have in mind? Be careful though, you (probably) have the EWS system, and you don't want to disable it. It's a real PITA. :)

    There are some useful comments here:
    Take a quick look. :)