Wednesday, October 6, 2010

73. Suspension and brakes on my E36 318is

Brake pads are something I have to change two-three times a year. (Front ones, I don't have rear disc brakes... yet.) Here's a couple of photos from the last change.

My car in the air:

New stuff:

Brake changing DIY for dummies:

 Old VS. New:

Old ones:

 Did you notice how uneven did my old pads wear out? I'm guessing, my right disc is bent...
Not much, but enough to destroy the pads...
I started getting some slight vibrations, and noise from my front right wheel... And that's why I decided to change my front suspension and brakes. Completely.

First of all, I have an extra suspension from one of my EX cars - 325 limo. And, since my car was originally a 316, I have smaller, non-vented discs on my car. I guess, that I'll solve a problem or two with the swap. Not to mention the benefits of a brake system upgrade. :) I'll do it this weekend. And you'll be the first to read about it. ;) Huh :)

Oh, and, almost forgot - I'll spice things up a little with some new springs:
Vogtland! :)

Pretty in pink! ;) 


And a few items... for the next change:

BMW OEM Textar Front Brake Pads for Z3, Z4, E36 & E46 3 Series Sedan & Coupe & Convertible & Touring & Compact
Only $59,99 

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