Wednesday, October 6, 2010

74. Breaking into a locked E36

Well, my friend locked his keys (all three of them) into his E36. And, to top it off, the car was running.
Don't ask me how he managed to do it... :) LOL!

Well, we had to break in.

And, after 15 phone calls to various BMW technicians, we decided to do it our way:

Shady characters:

Let's try the hammer:

No go. Let's try something bigger:

Finally - we're in...

If you do this in front of your neighbor's house - don't forget to clean the mess:

We broke the window, because I have 5 sets in stock:

 Yea, this one will fit nicely:

Damn! Who's gonna clean this mess?


  1. Yeah indeed that one is tough haha =D breaking into the window is the last solution in case of locked doors.

  2. I don't think so that this the last solution. Lots of more idea thats you open the door easily.

  3. @Master:

    Well, I would be happy if you could share them...

  4. @Master I was just really laughing when I saw this post that is why I said it was the last solution, and then you took it seriously =D lol I'm sorry =P Those guys broke it since they have substitute for the broken window shield =D