Wednesday, March 23, 2011

84. My E36 316 exhaust - muffler trouble

When it rains, it pours - Now, that's just about right. Two days after I fixed my brakes, my muffler almost fell off. :( OK, I did hear that the exhaust had a leak, but all my cars had it... I'm kind of used to the sound. (Where's that 'head bang' smiley when you need it?)

Well, as you'll see from the pictures, my silencer almost fell from my car, since it was completely cut-off from the pipe. It was hanging on the two rubber mounts in the back... Oh boy, imagine what would've happened if it fell off on the highway. :(

Right, so, once again, I found some silencers lying around my garage. Of course, it wasn't from a 316. I took it off my ex 320. I don't have to say that it was completely different from my old one... And then, it was welding time. A lot of welding, teeth grinding, tube bending, and so on. But, thanks to my friends help, we managed to put it on. The car now has a deeper sound, and I kinda like it.

Yea, it looks ugly. (The welds and piping, I mean)...
I probably lost power with this (up?)grade... But It'll stay for now. :)


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