Monday, November 23, 2009

56. New toys - gauges

I bought a couple of toys for my BMW.
  • 52 mm Water temperature gauge
  • 52 mm Oil pressure gauge
  • 52 mm Oil temperature gauge
  • 1 DIN gauge holder for three 52 mm gauges
Ordered them from Germany. :) I know they're not VDO, but, I have a very limited budget.

Assembled the holder and gauges:

This is how they look on the dashboard. Did you really think I'll keep a stereo system in a Drift car?

This is how they look in the dark:

Red/orange color matches the rest of the instruments:

 And the best thing is the price. Got them for 150$, including shipping. :)


  1. so, at wich german company did you order these gauges ?

  2. Found them here:

    It's a store with electronics and stuff...
    Evertything (gauges, pod, and shipping) costed me about 100€.

  3. Nice gauges in your E36! I hope you continue to install different bmw parts in your car. I'm sure it will look great!

  4. Ok, Steven,
    this link posting is going a little too far...

    This is the last approved comment with a link.