Tuesday, July 21, 2009

32. Still alive

Well, there's been some progress since I wrote the last post.

I've managed to pull out more than half of all electric connections, wires and modules. Of course, only the ones I don't need. But beware! Before you start doing something like this, be sure you know what you're doing. I've pulled one wire too many, and the darn thing didn't start... It took me one whole day to figure out wich wire it was, and to put it back. But, in the end, it's interesting how many components, fuses, and wires are in the car only for our comfort...

On the mechanical side of the story, I've sucessfully installed my small differential. It took me some time, since I worked alone, and the thing is quite heavy... And I didn't read any manuals before I started working... It would save me a lot of time, because I tried to force the half-axels under the rear stabilisator bar... Huh... That's what I get for slacking off while my friends were taking down the original diff... :P Oh well... When that was finally done, I've mounted the exhaust...

In the end, I did quite a nice progress with weight reduction... 
I guess I'll be finished in a day or two with this, and then I'll bleed the clutch, and the car is going to be drivable again! Then it's off to the welders to fix my floor, and to install a rollcage! :)

I'll post some pictures tommorow!

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